Monday, September 6, 2010

Can You Help?

Hi, my name is Erik. I am 7 years old, and I desperately need your help!  You see, I was born with several challenges. I have been diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Integration, a seizure disorder, mild mental retardation, visual processing disorder, OCD and ADHD. These disorders seriously affect me as a little person, and will continue all through adulthood.

Can you help? $1 = 1 step = 1 service dog

I have a hard time regulating my emotions, I sometimes get aggresive and hurt myself or others, even if I don't mean to. I have very little impulse control, which can lead me to dangerous situations, as I don't understand danger either.

Please help! $1 = 1 step = 1 service dog

I have been approved for a Autism Service Dog, however, here in Illinois there is not funding available to cover the cost and these dogs cost ALOT! My family just can not afford the cost either, that is why I am turning to you. All I am asking, is that you donate $1. With each dollar that is donated, it brings me one step closer to obtaining a service dog.

Please, just $1 = 1 step = 1 service dog

This dog will be provided to me by Wilderwood Service Dogs. It will be specially trained just for me! It will be my protctor, my companion, and my BEST FRIEND! This dog will assist me with everyday life moments, it will direct me away from danger, it will help me to live as normal a life as possible.

Thank You! $1 = 1 step = 1 service dog

Don't have a paypal account?, that's ok, you can still donate! You can send a check to:

Wilderwood Service Dogs
1319 Tuckaleechee Trail
Maryville, TN 37803

Make sure in the comment line on your check you put: Erik Bailey. That way it goes right into MY account.

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