Thursday, April 7, 2011

Erik and his Doggie

Well, it has been a trying week with Erik.  The dog stayed with us last week and it was good.  Now, the thing that is going to be the challenge is getting Erik interested in his dog.  She is just a pup now, so is not able to do much for him, but the bonding.  I am trying to have Erik involved in as much as I can with taking care of the dog to help with the bonding but it is a hard and tiring process.
This week, we do not have Kozmo, our family dog, or Angel because they are back with Toriano for boot camp.  This Sat. we bring both dogs home for 2 weeks, then they will go back to him for two weeks and so on. 
Eriks birthday is April 8th, so we are having a little party for him on Sunday.  His dad is doing something on Sat or Friday. 

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